Our Industrial Storage Units off both huge storage solution, incorporated into an incredible design, specifically designed to suit your space.  Depending on what you are storing we can design the ideal piece for you, including the height, width, depth and the number of shelves that you require.  We have made many unique and totally custom pieces.  We also make Industrial Clothing Racks - please email us for a quote.

These wonderful, urban shelf units add an instant storage solution to any room. In your choice of stain colour, as well as size, these are an easy way to achieve both form and function.  Hardware is included, however, installation should be into studs if possible as these units are heavy.

Industrial Shelves​

Blending gunmetal grey steel pipes with the warmth and character of Canadian timbers creates shelves that add warmth and character to virtually any room. Whether in an urban setting in downtown Toronto or at your cottage, our individual wall mounted shelves or free standing unit can solve a multitude of storage issues.

Industrial Wall Shelves

2 Shelves    84” W x 24” H x 14” D    $720.00

3 Shelves    48” W x 36” H x 12” D    $485.00

4 Shelves    48” W x 54” H x 14” D    $695.00

6 Shelves    60” W x 72” H x 14” D    $850.00

Industrial Storage Units

24" W x 9"D x  3/4" Barn board or 1 1/2" Pine Timbers  (with 1" Pipes)  -  $145.00

36" W  x 9"D x 3/4" Barn board or 1 1/2" Pine Timbers (with 1" Pipes)  -   $155.00

48" W x 9"D x 3/4"  Barn board or 1 1/2" Pine Timbers (with 1" Pipes)  -   $165.00